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You Just Gotta Have Fun and Cheer Each Other On

Last night, legendary women’s basketball coach Pat Summit of the University of Tennessee entered the men’s game in a cheerleader uniform and sang “Rocky Top” to help cheer the men’s team on. Earlier in the year men’s coach, Bruce Pearl, cheered the women’s team on by painting his body orange.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see your boss come in and cheer you on? (Would be funnier if he did it in a cheerleader uniform or painted orange) Some of the best leaders I have been around understood the importance of cheering their team on. In any journey or project there are bound to be obstacles, but with a leader near you to tell you, “you can do it,” or, “good job,” it will make it that much easier to persevere succeed.

As a future leader, my goal is to be someone people can come to when they need some encouragement. One of the biggest gifts I look foward to is seeing my team succeed and being able to tell them good job, or when my team is struggling I can tell them that they can do it and see them beat the odds.