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What Seperates Real Leaders

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Lord Action 1887

One of the most famous quotes about power, Lord Action points out one of the biggest struggles in leadership; power. A test to find a great leader is whether or not he can voluntarily step away from leadership and its power for the better of the team. Most people see leadership as way to their personal gain, but a great leader sees it as a way to everyone’s gain. The suprising result of putting the team first is the additional power and trust you gain from them.

12th Edition of Carnival of Leadership Growth

Welcome to the 12th edition of carnival of leadership growth. It has been awhile so there are a ton of posts. I hope you enjoy. The next edition will be post at the begining of September.

Jimson Lee presents 10 Ways to Make It Great! A Framework for Success for Coaches posted at, saying, “A book review on “10 Ways to Make It Great!” and how it applies to coaching.”

GP presents How Can I Get your Attention? posted at Fish Creek House – INNside Innkeeping, saying, “We’re constantly barraged by thoughts thoughts, ideas and craziness of life compete for our attention…even when the message is important. (Uh…if you think you have an important message, you may want to pay attention to this.)”

Mike Harmon presents Strategic Application of Offshoring in a CPA Practice posted at Basic Accounting, saying, “Can a small Accounting practice outsource accounting? I talk about it my article. Thanks for hosting the carnival.”

Sue Massey presents The Price Of Ignoring What?s Wrong posted at Business Management Life, saying, “I talk about how it’s important for employees to feel good about their job. If you have employees you should read my article.”

Louise Manning presents Standing on the shoulders of giants posted at The Human Imprint.

Warren Wong presents Taking Risks posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Are you afraid to launch your own business? Are you afraid of losing what money you have? Here’s why you shouldn’t be.” presents » Blog Archive » Get More Done with Activity Logs posted at Get More Done with Activity Logs, saying, “Get More Done with Activity Logs
Using activity logs as part of your time management strategy can significantly increase your productivity.

Have you ever had the experience of looking back on a busy day, week, or month only to realize that you didn’t accomplish nearly as much as you had planned?

If so, you’re not alone.

Most people, even those of us who diligently block out our time and prioritize our schedules, find that, while we’re always busy, we often don’t make the progress we anticipated.

Whether you’re building a successful career or a successful business, your time is your most valuable asset. Just as your financial condition is a direct result of how you use your money, your productivity is a direct result of how you use your time.

However unlike finances, which you can easily keep track of with bank statements, receipts, and other records, it’s easy to lose track of just where your time is going.

Before you can effectively use any time management system, you must have an accurate picture of how you’re spending your time right now.

By far the best way to keep track of your time is to use an Activity Log. With this system, you keep a detailed record of just how you’re spending each hour of your day. After you see where your available time is going you’ll be in a much better position to make decisions that increase your productivity.

How to Benefit from an Activity Log

Click Here to Download our Activity Log. (Or create your own by making a table with 3 columns: Time, Activity, and Value.)

Starting tomorrow morning, keep a copy of your activity log with you throughout the day. Go about your activities as you normally would. Only each time you begin a new activity, note it on the log. Be specific. Don’t just write down “telephone calls.” If you’re calling a colleague to finalize a sale, solve a problem, or get some needed information, write that down. If you’re just calling to check on weekend plans, note that too.

To get the most accurate picture of your time usage, record every activity on your activity log. Note when you break for lunch or coffee, when you are interrupted by coworkers, and when you check your email. If you work on a single project for an hour, you only need to note that project one time. However, if you stop what you’re doing for any reason, make a note of it and then note the time you restart.

Keep your activity log for a full week.

Then, at the end of the week review your activity log and objectively analyze how you’re spending your time. Go through each activity and, in the “value”column, note whether each activity is in your:

Top 20% — high-value activities that contribute significantly toward your goals

Bottom 80% – activities that need to be done, but don’t contribute as significantly toward your objectives

0% – activities that should be delegated, or simply not done at all

Determine how much time you actually spent in each “Value” column relative to your total working hours. This can be eye-opening.

When I (Jane) first began keeping this log years ago, I found that I only spent a small fraction of each day involved in activities that significantly impacted my bottom-line results. The more time I shifted to these activities, the more productive I became and the better results I saw in my career.

Since then, many of our clients have benefited from this simple technique. Charles, the president of large restaurant chain, found that he was wasting a significant amount of time at the beginning and end of his many meetings. By scheduling meetings back-to-back he was able to come up with large blocks of uninterrupted time for important projects.

Janet, publisher of a women’s magazine, found that her long hours at work were interrupted so frequently that she rarely spent more the 20 minutes at a time on any one project. After she began scheduling specific “open door” periods, she was able to cut down on her total time in the office and get home at a reasonable hour.

While we recommend using an activity log to get a baseline picture of how you’re spending your time, keeping an activity log regularly can also be a very effective time management tool. A few moments of writing and analyzing your time usage each day can help you make better choices about your activities and can lead to significant gains in productivity and a significant drop in stress!

If You’re Too Busy to Keep a Log

If you think you’re too busy to keep an activity log, yet you’re not yet as productive as you’d like to be, remember the story of the woodcutter, sweating and straining as he struggles to cut down a large tree with a dull blade. A man approaches and suggests to the woodcutter that he would be able to cut the tree down much more quickly with a sharper saw. At which point the woodcutter replies, “I can’t stop now, I’m too busy sawing!”

If, at the end of a month, you realized that you had less money in your accounts than you thought, you would (hopefully) take the time to do an audit to determine just where the money went. Remember, while finances can always be replaced, your time is an irreplaceable resource. Take the opportunity now to determine how to best invest your time assets. This simple, short-term strategy will pay off in significant increases productivity and significantly better long-term results.”

Christopher J. Brunner presents Showing Compassion posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, “In this post I discuss how, as leaders, we should show compassions to those who are less fortunate, and motivate others to do the same.”

Jim Stroup presents Reproduction not allowed posted at Managing Leadership, saying, “Sometimes you, as a manager, are so swamped you hardly know how to control your own time, much less spend some of it to train your staff. Consequently, they are left to guess, with no clues whatever, what it is they should be learning from you. The results can be unexpected. Learn how to focus your training and development efforts, just as you focus your own.”

Warren Wong presents My Partner?s Not Doing Enough Work! posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Do you find that your partner’s not doing enough work and are angry for having to pick up the slack? Here’s how to handle it.”

Phil B. presents The Problems with IT Firefighting « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “People have to be punished for causing system malfunctions that they look to IT to fix for them. Due to the lack of planning or foresight of others, IT tech support is constantly in the position of resolving emergencies or putting out fires that they did not start.”

Charles H. Green presents Negotiation and the Short Term Performance Trap posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Leadership requires understanding how the short term very quickly becomes the long term, and how the long term determines short term success.”

Charles H. Green presents When Business is Incontinent posted at Trust Matters, saying, “So often we know what we should do, nothing stands in our way, we want to do it… and yet we don’t. Why?”

Tupelo Kenyon presents Don’t Take it Personally posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, “Why do people criticize? It’s not about you – it’s about them. When you get criticized, here’s what to do with it – don’t take it personally. Praise can be just as harmful (but sneakier) – don’t take it personally. If you’re a habitual critic, here’s how to stop . . . but don’t take it personally. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free.)”

Randy Nichols presents Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog » Blog Archive » Advertising Jingles and Commercials – Radio & TV posted at Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog, saying, “I offer some great tips to stop you from getting ripped off by advertising companies. It can happen if you don’t follow these simple rules. Thanks for providing the carnival.”

Chris Tackett presents How to Write a Headline and Grab Your Prospect by the Eyeballs! posted at Direct Marketing News, saying, “The art of writing headlines is important for direct marketing. I will cover how to come up with some great headlines just like the one I use in this article.”

Eric Hudin presents You Can Make More Working Less posted at Everyday Marketing Ideas, saying, “Time management is a myth. Time doesn’t stop. There is no managing something you can’t control. What you can do is eliminate your wasted movements to become more efficient and effective.”

Jane Chin presents A Danger of “Too Much Experience” posted at On Careers and Life, saying, “How often are you the victim of your own knowledge and experience?” presents How to React to Criticism posted at Get More Done with Activity Logs, saying, “Receiving negative feedback is never easy. But when you understand how it can help you accelerate your career, you might begin to view criticism differently.

One of the factors that distinguish expert performers from everyone else is how they interpret and use criticism. Instead of trying to avoid it, top performers welcome it and use it to significantly enhance their performance.

In this issue we share a strategy you can use to benefit from criticism, rather than feel hurt by it.”

Tom Stanley presents Finding The Right Information About Franchise Opportunities posted at Tom’s Franchise Information Blog, saying, “If you are looking to buy a franchise business don’t just jump right in. There are things you need research. This article will help you discover what to look for.”

Jason Rakowski presents How To Deliver Technical Support That Delights The End User, Part Two posted at Learn Good Customer Service, saying, “For computer companies technical support can make or break you. If you are in high-tech this is a must read.”

Christopher J. Brunner presents The Balance of a Leader posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, “Being a good, strong, dependable leader is all about balance. Being a leader is not a one-sided position. You cannot be rough on your employees and never show them any tenderness. And you can’t be easy on everyone and never show them any discipline. You have to have a balance of both.”

Ivan Rios presents Mistakes Happen: How Do You Respond? posted at

Ivan Rios presents When To Lose posted at

Charles H. Green presents Deer in the Headlights Decison-Making > Trusted Advisor Associates > Trust Matters posted at Trust Matters, saying, “When faced with surprise sebacks the way most people react is to just do the same thing – they freeze, and can’t adapt. Some leaders, however, can. Why?”

Tupelo Kenyon presents Action and Satisfaction posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, “Balancing the realms of being and doing seems to be a healthy objective – on a personal level as well as on a global level. When our perpetual propensity to do is inspired and driven by “who we are” – the realm of being . . . then our actions bring satisfaction. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free.)” presents A Motivation Secret of Top Performing Managers posted at Get More Done with Activity Logs, saying, “A Motivation Secret of Top Performing Managers
August 7th, 2007
A frequent question we get from managers at all levels is how to motivate consistent high performance from others.

In today’s business environment, you can’t force anyone to do anything.

As a manager, you need to think of yourself as leading a volunteer army. In the words of President Dwight Eisenhower, you need to get people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.

The fact is, psychological research proves that praise and appreciation is far more effective than threats or punishment regardless of what you want people to do.

When people want to do something they tend to put in more and better effort than if they believe that they have to do it. And in this issue we share a motivation strategy that you can use to encourage this kind of voluntary contribution from everyone around you.”

Ivan Rios presents Let Them Think posted at, saying, “How to influence and deal with Analytical people.”

Ivan Rios presents Let Them Talk posted at, saying, “How to influence and deal with Expressive people.”

Luke Houghton presents Life skills: an overview posted at Luke Houghton, saying, “The essential skills needed in life: an overview.”

Charles H. Green presents We’ve All Caught the Detroit Disease posted at Trust Matters, saying, “As the US car industry continues its inexorable decline it’s worth looking at why and asking if other business are also exhibiting the symptoms of the “Detroit Disease”.”

james presents Overcoming Shyness: Tips for making effective eye contact posted at you shy devil you, saying, “Eye contact is one of the most fundamental forms of body language. Here are 5 1/2 tips on making more effective eye contact.”

Chris Russell presents Enhancing Human Performance posted at Productivity Planner, saying, “Knowing why people behave the way they do on the job is the key to gaining commitment to continuous improvement. A manager must understand peoples needs in order to increase motivation and therefore meet the needs of the organization.”

Stacey Derbinshire presents Leveling the Playing Fields posted at Starting a Small Home Business, saying, “The lifeplan of school, college, and get a job is the paradigm most are trained to follow. However, only a small percentage of those who follow this plan end up with any level of wealth or financial satisfaction in their secular life.”

Luke Houghton presents Making the right decisions posted at Luke Houghton.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Work– Just a Job or Visible Love? posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, “Do you love what you do and do what you love? Here’s a step-by-step method on how to put your passions to work and start living the life you were born to live. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free.)”

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Turn Your Potential Into Success posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “Take your skills, talents, and leadership qualities to the next level.”

Warren Wong presents Make People Comfortable By Greeting Them Right posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Do you know how to make people comfortable when you meet them? Here’s a couple of tips to make them feel right at home.”

Phil B. presents 13 Steps to be Productive « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Ever wonder why some people are so productive all of the time while other people never accomplish anything?”

Charles H. Green presents The Dark Side of Trust? Not! posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Harvard claims the key to trust is micromanagement, but real leaders know the key to trusting relationships is letting go enough to let trust flourish.”

Warren Wong presents The Key To A Healthy Relationship posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Are you in a healthy relationship? Do you know what makes a relationship healthy? Here’s the key to a healthy relationship.”

Aaron Wakling presents American Express Helping Small Businesses posted at The Credit & Credit Card Blog, saying, “When you start your own business you will need capital and some accounting help. Instead of running to the bank for a loan or delving into your savings, it is best to use your American Express card for your purchases and accounting.”

Luke Houghton presents 4 ways of managing customers over the web posted at Luke Houghton, saying, “Managing your customers in a web environment”

Jason Jacobsohn presents How You Can Learn About Relationship Building from Your Child posted at Networking Insight.

Phil B. presents The Right and Wrong Ways to Boost Morale « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “I think morale has reached an all time low where I currently work, and I would guess that the same is true where you work too.”

Warren Wong presents How To Keep A Healthy Relationship posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Are you and your partner fighting all the time? Here’s how to resolve your conflicts and go back to happier times.”

Christine Scivicque presents 10 Ways to Build a Better Team posted at The Executive Assistant’s Tool Box.

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11th Edition of the Carnival of Leadership Growth

Welcome to the July 15, 2007 edition of carnival of leadership growth.

SpiKe presents Self-Help Myths: Procrastination posted at Organize IT.

Mike Harmon presents Bookkeeping Basics For Your Business posted at Basic Accounting, saying, “Many of small business owners would rather focus on making and selling their products than on keeping their books and records. However, bookkeeping is just as important as marketing and doing business.”

Matt Hanson presents Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog » Blog Archive » Four Color Printing – Spelling A Big Difference With Colors posted at Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog, saying, “The world is swathed with color. We filter these colors through our eyes and attempt to preserve them. Through four color printing, you can make good things last.”

Tom Stanley presents Before You Buy – How To Interview Franchisees To Get The Real Scoop posted at Tom’s Franchise Information Blog, saying, “The most honest and forthcoming franchiser can’t tell you what it’s like to be a franchisee. So, you should take the time to call existing franchisees and get some candid answers to your questions.”

Jason Rakowski presents Humor in Customer Service and How It Can Help Your Business posted at Learn Good Customer Service, saying, “Your job is to sell something, not put on a clown act. How does humor fit into customer service?”

Stacey Derbinshire presents Three Life Saving Tips For New Businesses posted at Starting a Small Home Business, saying, “While entrepreneurs that are starting their new business typically look for ways to save money on everything from office space to consulting services, there are some things that are worth the splurge and more often then not, can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.”

Thomas Humes presents Cash Flow – Life Blood for Every Business posted at Wealth Building World, saying, “The purpose of this article is to familiarize business owners with a kind of financing that is unfamiliar to many people, Factoring. I will explain, in a simple yet comprehensive way, how to improve your companys cash flow.”

David presents Face Your Fears for Success posted at Worldwide Success.

Craig Harper presents The Law of Attraction should be renamed The Law of Distraction posted at Renovate your life with Craig, saying, “I personally think the LOA should be re-named the Law of Distraction (as the title of my article suggests) as it (in my opinion) actually distracts people from change principles which actually work.”

Debra Moorhead presents Accept Responsibility posted at Debra

Moneywalks presents Blog Carnival – Submit an Article to a Carnival posted at Blog Carnival listings.

Andreas Engvig presents Apes, Speedy Learners, and new Brain Fitness Channel posted at SharpBrains, saying, “Even apes can grow their skills…”

Ivan Rios presents The Art of Leading / 5 Steps to Successful Leading posted at

Samir presents Envy and how to deal with it posted at Develop & Grow.

David presents It’s The Communication, Stupid! posted at, saying, “Every problem in business- with the possible exception of actual theft – boiled down to one thing: communication”

vause presents Miss Utah Guard Sergeant posted at Active Duty Military Money and Matters, saying, “Here is a true leader for the military!!”

edithyeung presents The 7 Rules of Networking Made Easy posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Adam Pieniazek presents How Much Leadership Can $1 Buy? posted at Adam Pieniazek, saying, “A post about the leadership qualities of John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, and what makes him successful. The focus is on how John uses his charisma to motivate and set an example for his employees.”

wilson ng presents The Solution to the Problem posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife, saying, “Do you find yourself visiting and redebating the same issues during meetings? More often than not, it saves time and prevent confusion to put the right processes and documentation in place rather than a disorganized shooting of issues.”

Warren Wong presents How Much Money Is Integrity Worth? posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “How much money is your integrity worth? Here’s why integrity is your most valuable commodity.”

Ted Reimers presents How to Prepare for College posted at CampusGrotto.

FitBuff presents I Can’t Stand My Stand Up Desk! posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “This article explains how using a Stand Up Desk can increase your productivity and presence at your job, plus tips on how to set one up to try out yourself.”

Christopher J. Brunner presents Leading by Example in a World of Copy Cats posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, “As a leader, what we do influences others in every aspect of our lives.”

vivek khemka presents 10 THINGS FOR NEW PRINCIPALS TO THINK ABOUT posted at The Red Pencil, saying, “Article on how to manage your first leadership role. written for school principals, applicable across.”

Gustav S presents The creative power, it defines our species and make us stand out of the crowd posted at, saying, “what is a leader without creativity… and spirit”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Working Memory Training from a pediatrician perspective, focused on attention deficits posted at SharpBrains, saying, “An interview with one of the pioneers of working memory training, a key skill for setting goals and executing them.”

Lori Prokop, Blog Manager presents Sales Training: How Not to Conduct a Sales Meeting posted at J Mark Walker – Sales Training, saying, “J Mark Walker reveals 6 tips on how to NOT conduct a sales meeting (or any meeting) and gives 3 tips on how to have great meetings.”

Sue Massey presents Leadership – Managing Time For Maximum Profit posted at Business Management Life, saying, “In this article I’ll tell you some ways to focus on what is important to maximize your profit in your business”

Chris Tackett presents Effective Direct Marketing posted at Direct Marketing News, saying, “I knew a guy that owned a vacant house once, and he always laughed at the amount of postcards he received every week. He said they all looked the same and he just threw them away.”

Eric Hudin presents More Links You Receive The Better The Page Rank posted at Everyday Marketing Ideas, saying, “Many sites link back and forth to each other simply because it makes good business sense to do so. Search engines still count reciprocal links but they are not valued as much as one way links.”

Charles H. Green presents Linking Integrity and Success – CFOs and UBS posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Is integrity integral to success? Or is that just something people say?”

Warren Wong presents The Life Pursuit Of Money posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Why should making money be a life pursuit? Because making money actually helps people! Here’s why.”

Chris Russell presents Turning Coal into Diamonds: A Case Study on Customer Complaint Tracking posted at Productivity Planner, saying, “In order to reach the goal of fully utilizing customer feedback, a more comprehensive system for managing customer complaints is needed.”

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Lead Well and Prosper


With current state of the lack of good managers, Nick McCormick sets out to provide a tool for managers to lead well and prosper. Though McCormick’s book, “Lead Well and Prosper” , may not be for everyone, it is a perfect tool to provide for young managers and recent college graduates. McCormick lays out fifteen tips that he believes are essential to create good managers.

Each chapter covers one of the fifteen managing tips and great part about each cahpteris that McCormick uses cartoons and stories to start it off with in order to get a visual of his tip. Though each chapter is fairly short it has a lot of good meat in it, and McCormick closes each chapter with a do’s and don’t and an action plan that help the reader execute the tip from the chapter.

Also included in the book is summary of the tips and action plans which helps the reader use the book as a quick resource while on the job. Overall I believe the book is a great resource for young managers and college graduates. The material itself is basic, but to those who have not been introduced to these tips, the book would be an amazing tool for them.

Other Reviews
All Things Workplace Blog
Studentlinc Blog
Kent Blumberg

10th Edition of the Leadership Growth Blog Carnival!

Welcome to the 10th edition of carnival of leadership growth. This is the largest carnival to date here and I am really excited! There are some amazing articles in this carnival and for the first time I am trying to catch up and read them all. Thank you to those who submitted their writings. Enjoy!

Nina Smith presents Brazen Careerist Lesson #2: Professional Development posted at Queercents, saying, “Recently, I wrote about my Lesson #1 of the Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success. It described how job satisfaction will focus more on fulfillment than earnings for Gen X & Y. This week, the topic is about how, as Penelope Trunk emphasizes, “The new workplace currency is training.””

Charles H. Green presents Do You Trust Your Boss? posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Sometimes it seems like managers are supposed to be gods, and good at everything, but in the end they’re shmoes like everyone else – and still have to make it work.”

Jason Elder presents The 6 Laws Defining Bankruptcy posted at A Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog, saying, “Most people know about Chapters 7 and 11 but did you know about the other 4?”

Ted Reimers presents How to Get a Job after College posted at CampusGrotto.

Jim Stroup presents Phony phase transitions posted at Managing Leadership, saying, “As a manager moves from entry-level to top-level executive, expectations and the focus/perspective ratio change dramatically. Unfortunately, many managers don’t understand this, and drag the past into the future like a millstone holding themselves and their organizations back.”

Mike Harmon presents Home Based Business Tips – Three Reasons to Outsource Your Businesses Accounting Needs posted at Basic Accounting, saying, “You are probably already using a program like Quickbooks or Microsoft Money to balance your business books. But I will reveal 3 reasons why getting a good book-keeper will make a world of difference in your business.”

Brandon Peele presents Psychology of the Observer Book Review posted at GT.

Randy Nichols presents Learn to Invent and Reinvent Your Future posted at Career Advice by Randy, saying, “Learn to invent and reinvent your future with carrer advice from Randy.”

Matt Hanson presents Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog » Blog Archive » Is Traditional Publicity Dead? posted at Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog, saying, “Promotion has changed and evolved over the last few years. Find out more at Matt’s Creative Advertising blog.”

Jason Rakowski presents Customer Service – The President Murdered Grandma posted at Learn Good Customer Service, saying, “Customers are used to feeling as if their concerns are really of no concern to the business they have just purchased from.”

Stacey Derbinshire presents Licensing Your Way to Wealth posted at Starting a Small Home Business, saying, “Licensing requires little time and money and is extremely risk-free, while venturing requires a huge amount of time and money and is extremely risky. Learn more at my small home business blog.”

Christopher J. Brunner presents Differentiate Your Business With Quality Customer Service posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, “What you can do to provide quality customer service and make your business stand out in the crowd.”

Jimson Lee presents Everything I learnt in Life, I learned while Bartending posted at, saying, “Hey Billy, here’s another article for the next carnival.
The title is self explanitory.. it applies to personal growth from life lessons!”

Leon Gettler presents Psychotic organizations: 5 warning signs posted at Sox First, saying, “There are five warning signs of psychotic organizations: disorganization at the top, deluded thinking, organizational fragmentation, lack of awareness and inability to deal with customers, regulators, suppliers and markets.”

Paula presents Career & Money Part 9: Re-pot, Re-invent, Re-visit posted at Queercents, saying, “If you are not growing and evolving you’re dead… Paula continues her Career & Money series at Queercents.”

Bhupendra Khanal presents Top 10 Mantra for Professional Success posted at Analytics Bhupe, saying, “Decide to lead first and then work to make that happen.”

Jim Stroup presents Inkwells and tea leaves posted at Managing Leadership, saying, “CEOs are being disciplined or even fired for problems that surface in their private lives. This is a new behavior by boards. Is it a good one?”

Tupelo Kenyon presents How to Keep Your Word posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, “Celebrate life through the creative power of your word.”

edithyeung presents I Have Confidence posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Sagar Satapathy presents Business » 17 Surefire Tips for Making a Successful Business Loan Pitch posted at Business

Scott Allen presents If You Could Ask John Assaraf and Murray Smith One Question… posted at Entrepreneur’s Guide, saying, “If you could ask two of the world’s top serial entrepreneurs just one question, what would it be?”

Debra Moorhead presents Accept Responsibility posted at Debra

Brad Trnavsky presents Choose your attitude! posted at Brad M. Trnavsky – Sales & Management Blogger, saying, “A story about attitude, and your ability to influence others including the law of attraction.”

Sean LeMay presents Economics Sucks posted at Sean LeMay.

Lori Prokop, Blog Manager presents Building Relationships as You Are Selling posted at J Mark Walker – Sales Training, saying, “Would this be of service to your readers?

This is an article with a powerful action step for leadership in sales and customer service.

Thank you.”

Shamelle presents I do (But…. I don’t): Decide To Be Decisive posted at Enhance Life.

Ivan Rios presents Self-Confidence to Be a Leader posted at

Ivan Rios presents Why be a leader? posted at

Mark25 presents Forex Exchange Rate – How Does It Get Calculated? posted at

Ruby presents 7 Things About Success That You Can Learn From Steve Jobs posted at Advice and Rants.

Tom Stanley presents Advantages Of A Franchise Business posted at Tom’s Franchise Information Blog, saying, “The advent of franchising brought a big change in business. Many have since become rich because of franchising. Franchising has indeed many advantages.”

Marc and Angel presents Corporate America Asks Questions Without Wanting True Answers | Marc and Angel posted at Marc and Angel, saying, “The situation I am referring to involves a professional environment where multiple individuals in a strict business relationship disregard the truth in favor of delivering the ideal lie.”

Alexandra Levit presents 10 Tips for Keeping Your Bridges Intact posted at Water Cooler Wisdom.

FitBuff presents Don’t Get Glad, Get Mad! posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “Within reason, instead of waiting for you and your spouse or you and your co-worker to cool down during a disagreement, you should try and solve it then. You both will be thinking more clearly and are actually more likely to come to an ideal resolution.”

Tupelo Kenyon presents Communication – Friend or Foe posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, “Leadership skills lean heavily on communication skills. This article looks at communication for an unusual vantage point.”

Lori Prokop, Blog Manager presents Attract More Customers posted at Rodney Burge – Marketing Strategies, saying, “Great leadership blog. This article covers leading in business and business growth.

Would this be of service to your readers?

Or here are other suggestions:

Thank you”

Christopher J. Brunner presents The Importance of Being Assertive posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, “Tips on how to be more assertive and, thus, be more successful in both your business and personal life.”

Cade Krueger presents 3 Easy Steps On How To Create A Productive Life posted at Write To Right.

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I Would Love to Work For This Manager

This morning I came across a great article about a boss who donated his kidney to his office assistant after he found out she needed one to live. You do not have to give a body organ to be a great leader, but it is refreshing to see a leader look out for others.

Can It Be Learned? Part 2 Discovery

As I was thinking about what it took to discover what is in your heart I came across two great articles about what I was thinking. Steve over at All Things Workplace talks about his experience away from his normal routine to listen to what his body, soul, and mind. He starts off saying:

Sometimes it pays to just stop.


Because we’re not made to “go” all the time.

Steve is right. We feel we are called to go, go, go. We think our job promotion depends on more time, but what we neglect is time to discover your heart. Margaret Wheatleygoes on and gives some ways to find peace, which is key to discovering your heart.

Start your day off peacefully. I’ve raised a large family, so I laugh as I state this. But I’ve learned that I can’t expect to find peace at work. However peaceful I am as I enter the office, that’s probably my peak peaceful experience of the day. So I have a strong motivation to find peace before work. There are many ways to cultivate peace at the start of your day. You can drive to work in silence. Or listen to a particularly soothing piece of music. You can reflect on a spiritual phrase or parable. You can take a few minutes to just sit, either meditating or focusing on a lovely object. You can look for something beautiful outside your window. As your day grows crazier, it helps to know what peace feels like. Sometimes you can even recall that feeling in the midst of very great turmoil.

Both Steve and Margaret point out that it takes silence in order to discover what your heart is. Silence can be scary because truth finds it way out during silence and through the truth you can discover who you are and what your heart desires. The challenge is to stop taking the giant steps and stop. Then find time and a place to be by yourself and see what is in your heart.