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4 Great Leadership Podcasts

I have been listening to a lot more podcasts and I thought I would share some of my favorites related to leadership.

Inspiring Word of Encouragement – Zig Ziglar’s Podcast. 10- 20 minute clips of Zig’s presentations

Leadership Traq Podcast – I do not think they are posting any new episodes, but the ones they do have up are really good.
Great interviews!

Leadership Moment Podcast – John Maxwell’s organization, Equip, produces these short but powerful podcasts

The Engaging Brand Podcast – One of my favorite podcast. Covers topics from leadership to employee engagement.


Teaching for Succession

From the Disorganizational Behavior Blog:

Are leaders also teachers?

Of course they are. One of the primary roles of a leader is to teach others how to be leaders and embrace empowerment. The greatest achievement that most leaders will say they had is the development of other people as leaders. In order to develop others as leaders, you need to teach them to develop and utilize their leadership skills

A lot of times, being able to equip and teach your team is what seperates a leader from a manager. Leaders are not only there to succeed in present, but also look in ways to see how he can prepare the team to succeed after he is out of the picture. This might involve finding ways for you to best equip future leaders so that they might be able take over the reigns. In John Maxwell’s book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” talks about the Law of Legacy – A leader’s lasting value is measured by succession, and through a leader being a teacher it can help secure his legacy.