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Can It Be Learned? Part 2 Discovery

As I was thinking about what it took to discover what is in your heart I came across two great articles about what I was thinking. Steve over at All Things Workplace talks about his experience away from his normal routine to listen to what his body, soul, and mind. He starts off saying:

Sometimes it pays to just stop.


Because we’re not made to “go” all the time.

Steve is right. We feel we are called to go, go, go. We think our job promotion depends on more time, but what we neglect is time to discover your heart. Margaret Wheatleygoes on and gives some ways to find peace, which is key to discovering your heart.

Start your day off peacefully. I’ve raised a large family, so I laugh as I state this. But I’ve learned that I can’t expect to find peace at work. However peaceful I am as I enter the office, that’s probably my peak peaceful experience of the day. So I have a strong motivation to find peace before work. There are many ways to cultivate peace at the start of your day. You can drive to work in silence. Or listen to a particularly soothing piece of music. You can reflect on a spiritual phrase or parable. You can take a few minutes to just sit, either meditating or focusing on a lovely object. You can look for something beautiful outside your window. As your day grows crazier, it helps to know what peace feels like. Sometimes you can even recall that feeling in the midst of very great turmoil.

Both Steve and Margaret point out that it takes silence in order to discover what your heart is. Silence can be scary because truth finds it way out during silence and through the truth you can discover who you are and what your heart desires. The challenge is to stop taking the giant steps and stop. Then find time and a place to be by yourself and see what is in your heart.


Can It Be Learned? Part 1

Today I was thinking what it takes to become a leader and if it can be learned. This came up because of the many leadership books and guides out there, but lack of actual leaders around now. I hear and read people screaming for real leadership, but at the core what are the screaming for? There is the heart aspect and head aspect of leadership and I see a lot of people that have mastered the head aspect, but fall short of the heart, which is what people are screaming for.

Key attributes of being a good leader I could think of were; visionary, strong communicator, willing to persevere, empowers others, risk taker, people developer, honest, inspirer, and servant. A lot of these can be learned, but not everything can. Everyone is capable to be all of these, but some need to be discovered instead of learned. If we could all learn how to become a leader then I believe there would be more out there.

Learning is an exercise of our mind, but discovery is an exercise of the heart. We can go to seminars and watch others to strengthen our mind, but discovery is the key to develop the complete leader.

In the next part of this post I will write about how we can go out and discover what is in our heart.