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It is about discovering, not being discovered

Liz Stauss recently concluded her blog post about thought leadership with, “If search is what you value . . . like I said, it’s about the conversation to me.”

There are so many blogs and posts out there that show you how to create a search friendly site that will gain readers rapidly through title selection and linking. The blogs that I read and have seen grown quickly it is not links or titles that have contributed to their growth as much as the conversations and friendships that are created.

We seek so much to be discovered and through we forget lose one whole dimension of life, the joy of discovering with others. It is through this collaboration that growth, learning, and friendship is created. All of these are so much deeper than being recognized.


3 Things A Leader Must Do Before They Become A Leader

Before a leader can a lead other he must be able to lead himself. Sometimes this can be a lot harder because unlike leading others, you ultimately are the only one who can hold yourself accountable. Though these three points aren’t the only things you must do before you lead others, they are very important to a leader’s success.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses: Jim Collins talks about getting the right people on the bus, but how do you know which people are right if you do not know who will compliment you? Being able to discover your strengths and weaknesses will help you discover how you can accomplish your goals.

Find a mentor: As a leader you will not know everything and should not be expected to know everything. A mentor is someone who will be able to help you because of their experiences. A lot of obstacles a leader might encounter is something another leader has already conquered. Mentoring is a great way to gain experience and wisdom with out going through the events you ussually go through to gain experience.

Believe in yourself: I heard this quote the other day, “People act when you believe you are the leader.” One reason I believe a lot of people do not become leaders is because they do not believe in themselves. Find time in your day to reflect on you successes and your failures and see how you can continue the successes and overcome the failures. Each success bring more confidence.

Simply Successful Secrets/Business Lessons

I came across a great post from Steve at All Things Workplace about the Lessons he learned from business, and I thought I would create my list of what I have learned in a short time in the workplace. As I researched his post and looked back at some of his links I discovered this is spreading like the meme awhile back. I really encourage anyone new to te workplace or about to graduate in get into the workplace to go back and look at some of other bloggers lessons and tips they have learned. There is a lot of wisdom in these posts.

The lessons I have learned in my short time in Business

Understand what is important: I got married in July and started my first job in September and the challenge for me was to realize what was truly important in my life. My job might not always be there, but my wife will always be there loving me. She needs to know the same from me.

Read: Read everything you can get your hands on. The great thing is now of days is that you have tons knowledge at your fingertips without any costs because of the great bloggers out there. Take advantage of the knowledge and wisdom people are sharing.

Be true to yourself: At first I thought I was hear to please everyone, but I realized I am hear to be honest and authentic and if you are not honest and authentic to yourself how can you be to others?

Have fun and love: Life is short enjoy it. Live life like you are going to die because we are all going to someday.

Share: Even though I am very young with little life experience I feel like it is my duty to share what I learn through this blog like others have shared to me. Plus the more I share, the more I realize I do not know.

Here is the link to the original Simply Successful blog post if you want to read it. Also here are two other Business Lessons posts from Managing Leadership and Business Advice Daily that are really good.

Edition #4 Carnival of Leadership Growth – April 1, 2007

Welcome to the April 1, 2007 edition of carnival of leadership growth.

Zechary presents Chat to help people posted at Zechary White, saying, “You can help people by just check.”

Christine Kane presents Rust Never Sleeps posted at Christine Kane.

Ellesse presents How to Find a Good Mentor posted at Goal Setting College.

Hal Sommerschield, Ph.D. presents North Star Mental Fitness Blog: Word Processing and the Benefits of Success posted at North Star Mental Fitness Blog.

Vahid Chaychi presents The First Step to Start an Online Work at Home Business posted at Internet and Search Engine Marketing, saying, “There are many who love to start an online business that can be done from home. There problem is they don’t know “how” and “from where”. The most important thing in starting a new business is making a serious decision. Without a serious decision, no business will be started.”

Charles H. Green presents Trust Tip 35: Reciprocity, Sales and Suicide Hot Lines posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Suicide hotlines teach something very important about trust and persuasion. When you pick up a call in a suicide hotline center, the first impulse is to try and start talking; to try and convince the caller not to kill himself. It’s the exact wrong thing to do.”

Thom Singer presents Your Personal Vision Of Success Makes The Difference posted at SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

Sagar Satapathy presents 101 Bonehead Mistakes Every Manager Should Avoid posted at Business Intelligence Lowdown.

Alan presents Choosing a Self-Help Guru, Site or Program posted at Made to Be Great.

Editor – Dave Prouhet presents Overcoming Procrastination posted at Business Advice Daily, saying, “f you see yourself as someone who puts things off or procrastinates, don’t despair. Eliminating delay is a skill that can be learned. And if you want more serendipity in your life, more chances to be in the right place at the right time, more “lucky breaks,” and even more energy, it is well worth the effort required to develop this skill. Here are five easy steps to ending delay…”

The Positivity Blog presents Why some people almost always are successful posted at Henrik Edberg.

Leon Gettler presents CEO invincibility – why they turn bad posted at Sox First, saying, “With the jury selected in the Conrad Black trial, it’s worth looking at why some corporate leaders go off the rails? Is it greed? Arrogance? Studies show that it’s because they believe the rules don’t apply to them. They’re invincible, y’see.”

Laura Ricci presents Supporting Community Growth and Continuance posted at Laura’s Winning Ideas, saying, “re-submitting and hoping for guidance to send you what you are looking for!”

Sudhanshu presents Entrepreneurship and 300 posted at Gyaan Sutra, saying, “This post is about what I learned about entrepreneurship from the movie ‘300’”

Ted Reimers presents Best Business Schools for the Entrepreneur posted at CampusGrotto.

CA presents Small Business Owner Syndrome posted at Strategy, marketing and project management consulting services for small business: IQI Strategic Management, Inc..

Debra Moorhead presents Using Vision Boards to Organize Your Life posted at Debra

David Zinger presents The WE(E) Factor: Baby steps to leadership feats posted at Zinger On Strength-Based Leadership, saying, “Some WE(E) steps towards effective leadership that focus on others and small steps.”

Charles H. Green presents Working and Feeling Good posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Being happy at work turns out to have to do with being engaged, and being engaged with being praised. It doesn’t turn out to have much to do with incentive payments. Why do we have to keep rediscovering “treat people well”?”

Jack Yoest presents Managing Management Time: Harvard’s Monkey Paper by Oncken posted at Reasoned Audacity, saying, “The Tipping Point

The Three Second Rule

The Monkey on Your Back

The Monkey on Your Back?

Managers ’round the world recognize this expression as the situation where an individual has the next move in an assignment.”

Priya Jestin presents 101 Bonehead Mistakes Every Manager Should Avoid posted at Business Intelligence Lowdown.

Marcy Nala presents Believe and Succeed posted at The Abundant Life.

wilson ng presents Choose your Battles posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife, saying, “We are so used to competing, that we spend a lot of time and resources winning or excelling in unnecessary things in which has no meaning or bearing to your overall goals.”

Sagar Satapathy presents Top 25 Gadgets and Gizmos Every Manager Needs posted at Project Management Source.

Priya Jestin presents 50 Tips To Retain Customers posted at CRM Lowdown.

John presents Success Coaching On a Budget posted at, saying, “Professional Life Coaching is more widely accepted in our society than ever before as a positive and even necessary phenomenon in our ongoing quest for happier, healthier and wealthier lives.”

Benjamin Yoskovitz presents Does Multitasking Really Make You More Productive? posted at Instigator Blog, saying, “The questions is an important one because so many people are focused on multitasking and doing more. Working harder, not smarter. But multitasking doesn’t make people more productive, or better leaders.”

Caroline Latham presents I am busy executive with a challenging job. How is brain fitness relevant to me? posted at SharpBrains, saying, “How stress management may help us improve our quality of life and performance at work”

Anna Farmery presents 10 Reasons why LESS is often MORE to Employees posted at The Engaging Brand.

Ted Reimers presents Benefits of getting an MBA posted at CampusGrotto.

Charles H. Green presents Trust in the Hotel Biz posted at Trust Matters, saying, “If you want your employees to care about the customer first, you have to show that you do as well.”

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Empowerment – Soaring Above Others


“Let me pass, I have to follow them, I am their leader.” – Alexandre Ledru-Rollin

I love this quote! Leaders all over, wish they had this problem. Great leaders develop and empower the people around so that the leader can watch the accomplishments of those around them and be there when they need help. The leader is not there to dictate every little move others make, but there to help them see the big picture and priorities.

Ken Blanchard talks about empowerment in terms of ducks and eagles. Great leadership produces eagles because they can soar above everyone else. Bad leadership produces ducks because they only “quack” what they are told.

Are those around you quacking or soaring?

The Power of Vulnerability

Life is full of paradoxes and the power vulnerability is another one I believe. As I was about to write this post about vulnerability, my rss reader came across this post over at The Recovering Leader blog that says pretty much what I was thinking.

Monday’s LeaderTip: Power in Vulnerability
The greatest collaborations are based on shared vulnerability. Opening your mind and heart to others enables you to match your challenges and ambitions with theirs — and find the common ground needed to do great things together. Keep yourself guarded, and others will respond in kind — which hinders all but superficial success. Leadership requires the courage to make yourself vulnerable before others you want to inspire or guide, and anyone with whom you intend to create something of lasting value. When you act authentically with those who are – or may be – important to you, they will reciprocate, and be moved to do their best work.

One of the challenges to being vulnerable is continuing to be vulnerable and authentic after the first time being burned by someone. In my favorite leadership books, “Five Temptations of a CEO”, by Peter Lencioni, the fifth temptation a leader falls into is choosing invulnerability over trust. We strive so hard to stay in our “comfort zone,” but it is outside this zone that we see real growth. It is through the acknowledgement of our weaknesses and finding ways others can compliment you, and you compliment them, that we can find success and growth. Without being willing to step out of that “comfort zone” of being vulnerable comes “yes men” and disconnect because of the fear others might have of what they say and do.

Teaching for Succession

From the Disorganizational Behavior Blog:

Are leaders also teachers?

Of course they are. One of the primary roles of a leader is to teach others how to be leaders and embrace empowerment. The greatest achievement that most leaders will say they had is the development of other people as leaders. In order to develop others as leaders, you need to teach them to develop and utilize their leadership skills

A lot of times, being able to equip and teach your team is what seperates a leader from a manager. Leaders are not only there to succeed in present, but also look in ways to see how he can prepare the team to succeed after he is out of the picture. This might involve finding ways for you to best equip future leaders so that they might be able take over the reigns. In John Maxwell’s book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” talks about the Law of Legacy – A leader’s lasting value is measured by succession, and through a leader being a teacher it can help secure his legacy.

Third Edition of the Carnival of Leadership Growth

Welcome to the March 16, 2007 edition of carnival of leadership growth.

Alan presents Tired of having problems? Well guess what.. posted at Made to Be Great.

annette clancy presents Where's the humanity in organisations? posted at Interactions – Creative Strategies for Business.

Arvind Devalia presents Leadership in the current climate of change posted at Arvind Devalia, saying, “Practice leadership based on the courage to live the change you wish to bring about.”

Debra Moorhead presents “The Science of Getting Rich” Evaluated, Part Five posted at Debra

Scott Schwertly presents Up or Gettin’ Up posted at Presentation Revolution.

Zechary presents Think It Over; posted at Zechary White, saying, “Think these over, you’ll learn something”

Editor – Dave Prouhet presents Sales Process Flow posted at Business Advice Daily, saying, “Business leadership can only exist if there are paying clients. Part of good leadership is ensuring that the top line is consistently growing. And this happens with a sales flow process – a repeatable way to get sales and to grow sales. Enjoy.”

Erek Ostrowski presents Failure and The Measure of Success posted at Verve Coaching.

Wilson Ng presents The Merely Good and the Really Great posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife, saying, “The Pursuit of Excellence starts by a person understanding the difference between being merely good and being really great.”

Jane Chin presents What Comedy Improv Taught Me About Life posted at On Careers and Life, saying, “What I learned in comedy improv has helped me live life the way I want to live life as an entrepreneur. Each opportunity to get up and perform is like applying life skills in a sliver of time.”

Nneka presents Problem Solving Using Appreciative Inquiry posted at Balanced Life Center, saying, “Appreciative Inquiry emerged in corporate America as a way to improve customer satisfaction. Learn how you can use it in your life to meet challenges.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Stress Management Workshop for International Women’s Day posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, “Exercises and tips for better stress management, based on a leadership training workshop we just gave.”

Marcy Nala presents Be Your Own Guru posted at The Abundant Life.

Alan presents It gets lonely at the top – How to handle rejection posted at Made to Be Great.

Praveen presents How to Succeed posted at My Simple Trading System.

Walt presents “A Winner Never Quits And A Quitter Never Wins” posted at Walt Nation!.

Debra Moorhead presents It’s Always A Wide Chasm posted at Debra

Christopher J. Brunner presents The Adverse Effects of Poor Communication posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, “Some of the common communication mistakes that may adversely affect the success of your business.”

Travis Sinquefield presents ALA Loop posted at Disorganizational Behavior.

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