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Taking That Blind Step

When I was in Chicago last week with Mark and Katrina, friends of Pam and I, we talked about how many Christian seek security over faith because they are scared to step out. Tonight while I was going through my feed aggregator I came across a good post over at Businesspundit about what rich people worry about the most, being sued and id fraud.

As a child I thought the “American Dream” was to be rich with nice cars and a nice house because that would make me secure and comfortable, but as the article says this does not make you secure. Personally, I believe Christ is the only security we have on this Earth.

Leaders live by faith and not security, understanding the importance of change and innovation. Seeking security is living stagnantly because once there is success with one thing there is no need for change. They juice there success for as long as possible thinking this will make them secure forever until one day everything changes.

Living by faith is taking a blind step forward understanding there is something better ahead even if there are some rough times in the way. Successes come and go but living by faith means continuing forward persevering through the hard times to find the good times.