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3 Books for the Young Developing Leader

Last night I was reflecting on the books that really developed my leadership foundation and desire in college. I came up with three books I feel developed my Leadership Perspective. All three books are fairly easy reads and are very insightful in the basic thoughts of leadership. The main reason I chose these books is because they use great illustrations that help a young person remember the books’ main points years down the road. If you have a high school or college student that is a leader or interested in leadership I highly reccommend these books.

“21 Irrefutale Laws of Leadership”John Maxwell

“Habitudes”Tim Elmore

“Five Temptations of A CEO”Peter Lencioni


More Secrets but for College Grads

After writing my Simply Successful Secrets, I came across a great post for college grads where a lot people answer the question, “What do you wish you would have been told before you left school?” If you enjoyed the Simply Successful Secrets, then I would highly reccomend you go check out this post.