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Having Fun Can Get You to A Lot

Today I was able to able to go volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit agency that packs food together for children that are starving all around the world. Unlike most volunteer experiences, this one is really fun because the people who work their are passionate and the people you work along are having fun. You are able to be loud and encourage others while packing specially crafted meals for the kids around the world. What is also interesting is that they have children that have hodl their birthday party their and all the kids get to help other kids out during the party.

We spent a total of 2 hours there and an hour and a half of it we spent putting together these meals. In that time we put together almost 2 pallets worth of food which was enough to feed 34 children for a year. I really believe this shows the power of passion, good cause, and having fun can achieve.

Another interesting thing about the organization is that they are very fiscally responsible. They say that 94% of their donations goes towards the food program, which is higher than most non-profit organizations.


An Extra Children on Leadership

This morning I went to go watch a friend of mine play in a 11 year old church basketball league. The neat thing about watching the game was seeing how excited they got each time they scored. It reminded me how sometimes I forget to celebrate the small successes in life. I do not neccesarily mean with something big like a party but just maybe a ”congratulations” or a pat on the back. Each small success leads to a big one.

Children on Leadership Part 3- Honesty

One of the funniest things about children is that they will tell you how it is. Whether they are tired or excited you know how they are doing or feel. If they do not like the food more than likely they will tell us, or if they see something that doesn’t seem right to them, they will say something.

As we get older it seems as if it gets harder for us to be more honest and straightfoward. How many headaches would we save if we just told our coworker or friend the truth earlier instead of being scared of hurting them? I know I struggle with this at times, but it seems like the longer I wait the harder it is for the other person when they find out.

Honesty is also important to accountability. Kids can be the best to hold someone accountable because they have no problem telling you how it is if they see or hear something they feel is not right. Without true honesty how can we hodl someone accountable when you are not holding yourself accountable?

Children on Leadership Part 2 – Curiosity

It is funny to watch a young child when they are put into a new environment. First, they look around, and then they crawl or walk all around to see what is around. Thank goodness there are child-proof devices out there that protect children from what they might encounter while searching their environment.

Sometimes I feel I still have the curiosity of a little child. It is because of my curiosity I have discovered many new pod cast and blogs that help me grow daily.

As a leader, curiosity can help you discover more about your team or their needs. Curiosity leads to learning and growth which can help improve your leadership skills. I try to take a couple of minutes everyday to discover a new bog or podcast that can help add to my growth. Try and take a couple of minutes as see what new ideas you can discover.

Children on Leadership Part 1 – Risk Taking

This is a three part post about how children can show us how to be better leaders. The second part hopefully will be posted sometime tommorow.

Yesterday I was watching a group of kids playing on a couch. At first they were simply just jumping on it and having a good time. Finally one of the kids had this ingenious idea of purposely falling off the highest point of the couch head first and having their hands in front of them to save them as they would rollover onto their backs. This probably was not the safest or smartest thing they could have done, but it really reminded me of something I struggle with as a leader, taking risks.

A lot of the times as a leader I think being “safe” will make my job easier and it might for the short term. Sometimes taking risks will lead to an ouchy, but children cry it off and get right back to action. Like a child we too need to shake it off, learn from it, and move onto the next thing.

Other times risks can lead to big rewards and discoveries. This is when you see a child’s facelight because they reaize that they have done something amazing.