It is about discovering, not being discovered

Liz Stauss recently concluded her blog post about thought leadership with, “If search is what you value . . . like I said, it’s about the conversation to me.”

There are so many blogs and posts out there that show you how to create a search friendly site that will gain readers rapidly through title selection and linking. The blogs that I read and have seen grown quickly it is not links or titles that have contributed to their growth as much as the conversations and friendships that are created.

We seek so much to be discovered and through we forget lose one whole dimension of life, the joy of discovering with others. It is through this collaboration that growth, learning, and friendship is created. All of these are so much deeper than being recognized.


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  1. Liz Strauss on

    Thanks, Billy. Yeah, I had a great conversation about that post this evening with a friend on the telephone. We didn’t need to use search to find each other either. 🙂

  2. Kaleb Heitzman on

    I agree. Blog success should not be measured by quantitative numbers but by qualitative conversations that are sparked.

  3. Mark on

    missing your posts man. hope you’re enjoying the new year!

  4. joaquin on

    Great to have found this post!

  5. Barry Zweibel on

    Fundamental to the joy of discovering is the notion of curiosity. The more curious we can be, the more we’re likely we are to discover … and be discovered for that matter, too!

  6. Damian D. "Skipper" Pitts on

    I am so happy to have found this post.

  7. lionheart on

    Very cool blog. Thanks!!

  8. Bob on

    I think that what you speak of applies not only to blogs but to really any aspect of life or business. People want to immerse in the conversation. Content is important because its sparks this rich conversation. The conversation creates the user engagement, which leads to stickiness, however… a great book if you are into this line of thinking…

  9. Creative Directors Club on

    Through good, relevant content common ground is established, and that’s key to meaningful relationships. Great blog, thank you!

  10. Hayli Morrison on

    Good point! I guess this means technology isn’t detracting from – or even replacing – human interpersonal relationships, but instead acting as an extension of them.

  11. Jean-Yves Landry on

    Organic marketing, networking is the best. It all happens much more naturally than when you try to force it. It creates better relationships, better business deals, and in the long run, thats what you want. Organic !

  12. Intelligent Buyer on

    Agreed. I think too many people who start blogs are in a hurry to make it big right away (maybe for monetary purposes). All of the blogs I read on a daily basis are ones I found through methods other than search. I never made that connection before.

  13. John on
  14. Kurra on

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  16. sanz on

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  17. John on

    Great Post!!

  18. Thilanka Bodhikotuwa on

    Interesting post thanks

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