The Personal Development List

I have been blessed by being reccommended to be added to Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List. If you have not gone by and looked at it, I would highly reccommend it because it provides references to many amazing blogs that talk about topics like leadership.

Thank you Steve for recommending me to this list!


5 comments so far

  1. Steve Roesler on

    A sincere recommendation, Billy.

    You’ll add much to the thinking of many.

    Can’t beat that!

  2. Shelley The Breakthrough Mentor on

    Wow! Thanks so much for this resource. Isn’t the world just filled with awesome people.

  3. I CAN I WILL on

    Nice Blog,Here i would like to share some idea,A leader is One who Creates the Way; Walks the Way; and Shows the Way.In fact,every person has some leadership qualities.You have been taking a role of a leader more often then what you think of.

    Potential for developing your leadershipquality is restricted only by the limitations you impose on yourself.It is bound only by your motivation and desire to have,become,or be.

  4. SleepBarn on

    nice thoughts hope to learn a lot and share some ideas as well.


  5. I am afraid the list is not active anymore…

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