Lead Well and Prosper


With current state of the lack of good managers, Nick McCormick sets out to provide a tool for managers to lead well and prosper. Though McCormick’s book, “Lead Well and Prosper” , may not be for everyone, it is a perfect tool to provide for young managers and recent college graduates. McCormick lays out fifteen tips that he believes are essential to create good managers.

Each chapter covers one of the fifteen managing tips and great part about each cahpteris that McCormick uses cartoons and stories to start it off with in order to get a visual of his tip. Though each chapter is fairly short it has a lot of good meat in it, and McCormick closes each chapter with a do’s and don’t and an action plan that help the reader execute the tip from the chapter.

Also included in the book is summary of the tips and action plans which helps the reader use the book as a quick resource while on the job. Overall I believe the book is a great resource for young managers and college graduates. The material itself is basic, but to those who have not been introduced to these tips, the book would be an amazing tool for them.

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2 comments so far

  1. Brad Trnavsky on

    Sounds like an interesting book. You may want to check out 360 Degree Leadership too. It’s awesome!

  2. Eric Boehme on

    I have not read it, but looks good. One of the books that is a “must read” when I mentor new managers is the Spencer-Blanchard book “One Minute Manager.”

    I read it once a year.

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