I Would Love to Work For This Manager

This morning I came across a great article about a boss who donated his kidney to his office assistant after he found out she needed one to live. You do not have to give a body organ to be a great leader, but it is refreshing to see a leader look out for others.


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  1. Wally Bocki on

    I don’t think you know if you want to work for that manager. He sounds like a swell human being, to be sure. But does he set clear and reasonable expectations and follow up for understanding? Do he catch performance issues early and deal with them? Does the team succeed at the mission and get along?

  2. Billy on


    True, but I would love to work for a manager that not only has clear expectations and follow-up but someone who looks out for his followers. I really believe great leadership is not a 8-5 job but a 24/7 job. Great leaders do not have to donate an organ but do look to find ways to lift up others. Thanks for the great comment.


  3. Anna Farmery on

    Wow, now that is impressive. I am glad that I have never had any heart problems as most of my bosses didn’t have one to give me!!! Only joking…to all my ex bosses…

  4. shasta on

    We used this in my workplace:

    Did it make a difference in the managers? Not until the CEO embraced and embodied the servant leadership principles in every talk, speech and interaction with management.

    I’m still not sure my boss would give my any vital organs though!

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