Can It Be Learned? Part 1

Today I was thinking what it takes to become a leader and if it can be learned. This came up because of the many leadership books and guides out there, but lack of actual leaders around now. I hear and read people screaming for real leadership, but at the core what are the screaming for? There is the heart aspect and head aspect of leadership and I see a lot of people that have mastered the head aspect, but fall short of the heart, which is what people are screaming for.

Key attributes of being a good leader I could think of were; visionary, strong communicator, willing to persevere, empowers others, risk taker, people developer, honest, inspirer, and servant. A lot of these can be learned, but not everything can. Everyone is capable to be all of these, but some need to be discovered instead of learned. If we could all learn how to become a leader then I believe there would be more out there.

Learning is an exercise of our mind, but discovery is an exercise of the heart. We can go to seminars and watch others to strengthen our mind, but discovery is the key to develop the complete leader.

In the next part of this post I will write about how we can go out and discover what is in our heart.


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  1. Debo Hobo on

    Great Good Morning to you,

    I also believe that there needs to be more leaders for our future to move forward. I think that if a person learns to be a very good follower and is able to glean from his/her fellow followers what their needs in a leader are then a follower will then surpass those that are currently leading others with out the knowledge of what there followers need.

  2. Billy on

    i completely agree. How can a leader lead properly without knowing what his follower’s needs might be. The leader might see the bigger picture and realize something might be better, but a great leader will engage his/her followers. Thanks for the comment.

  3. katrinawillis on

    Leaders have to go through a lot of “exercise”… a fire so to speak. People very rarely slow down and listen to others when they’re full speed ahead. It takes something special…

    I have a girlfriend who told me about her friend who was raising her kids specifically to develop them for very different lifestyles. She would rock one more than the other. She would read to one more than the other. I’ve also noticed that many leaders are first born children–trailblazers.

    Anywho. Good stuff, Billy. Tell your wife how awesome she is.

  4. LMB on

    I think you’re onto something. This is why leadership is part science and part art. The more cognitive aspect provides the fuel for visioning, strategic planning and aspects of communication. The “heart” related elements ypu mention are moreso linked to leader-attitude, concern for the development of others and most critically, being interested in and knowing how to effectively relate to others. This includes building genuine relationships with others. For more, check out a new release titled, “Leadership To The Fifth Power”, by Larry Baider. I think it speaks directly to this thread.

  5. Ivan on

    I’ll throw some more key attributes in there just for the sake of stirring thought: self-confidence, trust in others, self-motivation, ability to motivate others, strong purpose, willingness to serve, focus, discipline, positive attitude, enthusiasm, belief, faith, preparation, imagination, decisiveness, listening skills, fine reputation, flexibility, and creativity. Leadership is more of a growth process where one develops many different skills and traits than a static description. Nice post.

  6. Billy on

    It is a growth process and a challenging one at that. I think it is because of its challange that not to many peopel become great leaders. Ivan great blog i just came across it through my blog carnival. Thanks for the comments


  7. Billy on


    Art and science? wow so far from each other but such a true statement. Thanks for dropping by and commenting

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