Learning is Not Just One Way

Liz over at Successful Blog wrote a great article about her learning plan, and while reading it two things stuck to me that I thought seperate a leader from everyone else. Everyone learns but as Liz points out,

most of that learning is passive, a form of response. It comes to us. We don’t seek it out. We might miss it completely as it sits waiting, if we don’t STOP to take notice. When we do, we often need to give it some thought to make what we’ve learned useful, to translate it into a thought that makes sense.

Leaders do not learn passively, but seek it out as Liz writes. Once they have discovered something new they take the time and reflect on it in order to soak it in and apply it to their life context. Most people discover things on accident and then store it in the back of their head before they can fully digest what they have found.

Take advantages of what you learn by fully developing your discoveries.Make learning a two way street where you engaged what you learn, not just a one way process. By doing this, it will lead to new thoughts and finds based off the original learning.


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  1. Liz Strauss on

    Every now and then I’ll come across a post like yours in which someone will use my words and something else will happen. I’ll hear a new viewpoint and I’ll hear my own words in slightly different voice. Wow! It’s a writer’s pleasure. It makes me stop to re-experience the thoughts that generated them. Talk about engaging a reader!! 🙂

    Thank you for extending this conversation into one on true leadership. Brilliant. Really.

  2. Billy on

    Thanks Liz for the comment. I am honored you enjoyed the post. Hopefully I can be a small piece in this vast blogging community that can continue the many conversations going on. Thank you for such great thoughts on your blogs.


  3. Angela Maiers on

    This is a great post. As an educator, these are the exact qualities I am trying to instill in students and teachers. Learning, in any field, is an active, mindful, and passion-driven endeavor.

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