5 Steps to Gaining Influence

Over at the Leadership Turn Blog there is a great article on how to become an effective influencer. Jonathan maps out 5 steps that he feels are important to gaining influence.

In Summary: Five Easy Steps To Influence

Here are the five main steps to effective influential communication. Make this pattern second nature, leaving you to concentrate on the detail.

Gain Rapport

Be on their level, recognise their beliefs and values; match their behaviour patterns and blend your personality characteristics with theirs.

Ask Questions

Elicit needs and different responses; probe to identify their motives, attitudes and feeling.

Listen Actively

Demonstrate that you are listening: listen with all your senses; suspend judgement.

Stress Pertinent Benefits

Summarise how specific benefits of your proposal accurately reflect their needs.

Work Towards A Decision

Ask questions that will force a decision (or rejection); test interest through hypothetical questions; make positive statements which assume their acceptance.

When I read this I noticed that none of steps had to do with the leader but focused on
understanding those around you. Change is hard when cause is good, but when the change is only focused on benefiting the leader, it is nearly impossible. Seek the opinions of those around you, and it might help you discover something new about your team.


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