Simply Successful Secrets/Business Lessons

I came across a great post from Steve at All Things Workplace about the Lessons he learned from business, and I thought I would create my list of what I have learned in a short time in the workplace. As I researched his post and looked back at some of his links I discovered this is spreading like the meme awhile back. I really encourage anyone new to te workplace or about to graduate in get into the workplace to go back and look at some of other bloggers lessons and tips they have learned. There is a lot of wisdom in these posts.

The lessons I have learned in my short time in Business

Understand what is important: I got married in July and started my first job in September and the challenge for me was to realize what was truly important in my life. My job might not always be there, but my wife will always be there loving me. She needs to know the same from me.

Read: Read everything you can get your hands on. The great thing is now of days is that you have tons knowledge at your fingertips without any costs because of the great bloggers out there. Take advantage of the knowledge and wisdom people are sharing.

Be true to yourself: At first I thought I was hear to please everyone, but I realized I am hear to be honest and authentic and if you are not honest and authentic to yourself how can you be to others?

Have fun and love: Life is short enjoy it. Live life like you are going to die because we are all going to someday.

Share: Even though I am very young with little life experience I feel like it is my duty to share what I learn through this blog like others have shared to me. Plus the more I share, the more I realize I do not know.

Here is the link to the original Simply Successful blog post if you want to read it. Also here are two other Business Lessons posts from Managing Leadership and Business Advice Daily that are really good.


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  1. Steve Roesler on

    Thanks for the kind mention…and for spreading the idea to a broader part of the community.

    I’m really quite eager to see the lessons learned. What started off as “business” has, organically and understandably, led to deeper truths that form the foundation for our working lives.

  2. Jim Stroup on

    Thanks for a great contribution – and some very wise thoughts.

    Warren Buffet, the great investor, recently began accepting resumes for people to take his place, and one of them, a young person like you, supported his application by saying, “I’m short on experience, but long on potential.”

    You’re clearly long on potential, with the discernment to make the most of your experience. Thanks for your participation!

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  4. Mrs. Laughing Pants on

    In business everyday there is a lesson to be learned. I concur that reading will help you as a leader to hone your skills. Developing a network of people who you can share and learn with is the way to go. Business is not an isolated field the same thing as leadership. When everyone realizes this it will simplify networking for everyone.

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