Mirrors are only as good as…


your eyes are open. We live in a fast paced life and we forget to set time aside to reflect in what we have done and learned. One of my first posts I wrote, Fun House Mirrors, about the how leaders distort their view of their leader ability and character.

Though feedback and reflection a leader should be able to get a clear, authentic view of his leadership abilities. A lot of times we know we are not performing at our best, so we then try to ignore it when we reflect or seek feedback. A lot of times we will know what we need to work on, but ignore because we do not want to show our weaknesses to others. This is the same as going up to a mirror with your eyes closed because you know what you will see won’t please and thinking that if you do not see anything, then there is nothing to change. Looking at a mirror with our eyes closed is as good as looking at a brickwall.

Self reflection and feedback from peers are only as good as you are willing to listen. Reflection can be powerful because it can allow you to analyze what you did right and wrong and then how you can change. Feedback can show you what you can change when you can’t see the problems.

The truth can hurt at first, but after seeing the truth and making changes, the truth can be real rewarding. Look in the mirror with your eyes wide open and listen to what you hear through feedback, and reflection. There is no leader on this Earth that could not benifit from change, but it takes eyes, ears, and guts to see what you need to change.


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