Fifth Edition of The Carnival of Leadership Growth

Welcome to the April 15, 2007 edition of carnival of leadership growth. Sorry it took so long to get this posted, but I have been very busy lately. The next edition will be posted at the begining of the month, and I look foward to seeing all the new posts. This carnival has been a great way for me to see new blogs that I would not normally be able to read. Thanks for all the wonderful submissions!

Donald Latumahina presents Self-Check: Are You Doing What Matters to You? posted at Life Optimizer.

Erek Ostrowski presents Creating a Culture of Productivity and Success posted at Verve Coaching.

Brandon Peele presents Spiritual Autolysis posted at GT.

almomento presents 9 Ways To Incorporate Win-Win Philosophy Into Your Business posted at BurstCreativity.

Aaron Kassover presents It’s Time to Address the Glass Ceiling posted at Leader’s Notebook, Our Leadership Blog, saying, “The common belief is that women are assuming more corporate management positions and directorships and that women have free choice in how and where they advance in their careers. Statistics show that this is definitely not the case – 64 of the Fortune 500 companies, there are no women at all in the management team. Experienced executive Marilyn Tam takes a closer look at the truth behind glass ceilings.”

edithyeung presents Stay in Line for the Oysters (Inspired by Keith Cunningham) posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act., saying, “Keith Gunningham is absolutely amazing.”

CA presents Small Business Owners: Are you managing effectively or efficiently? posted at Strategy, marketing and project management consulting services for small business: IQI Strategic Management, Inc., saying, “If you concentrate on efficiency, your job and the employment you generate will be outsourced. There will always be someone who can do what you are doing more efficiently.”

Barbra Sundquist presents How One Woman Went from Olympic Champion to Motivational Speaker (Part 1) posted at HomeBusinessWiz.

Patricia presents 7 Behaviors That Mess Up Communication: Are You Making A Good Impression? posted at Patricia.

Charles H. Green presents Quantum Emotive Therapy posted at Trust Matters, saying, “The best way to lead and influence someone, it turns out, is to care about them. Imagine that.”

GP presents I Shoulda’ been a Cowgirl posted at Fish Creek House – INNside Innkeeping, saying, “Having recently moved to Montana, you can learn alot from the quintessential cowboy. But when you’re finding someone who defines who and what America is, that’s the cowboy: grit and determination and hard work and love for freedom and what you have. Being a cowboy isn’t about possessions or money. It’s about finding that toughness at your core”

Sagar Satapathy presents Leadership 101: How to Command Respect through Body Language posted at CRM Lowdown.

Debra Moorhead presents Manager of Life posted at Debra

Editor – Dave Prouhet presents Poor Employee Performance posted at Business Advice Daily, saying, “A Business Advice Daily Top View Article!

There are certain problems that most business owners would like to avoid. Calling angry customers, for instance. Presenting unhealthy sales numbers to higher-ups. And yes, dealing with those slow-moving, low-achieving, company-rule-breaking employees known as poor performers. Here’s a suggestion: take care of the latter problem and the other two might just work themselves out.”

Ririan presents Here’s a Quick Way To Overcome Procrastination posted at Ririan Project.

Craig Harper presents Do It Yourself Prison posted at Renovate your life with Craig, saying, “I’ve done some work speaking in prisons and I gotta tell ya, they’re not that much fun.
I’ve also done some work with people who have never been near a (real) jail…. yet in many ways, they are more ‘imprisoned’ that anyone I’ve ever met on the inside.”

David Richeson presents How To Define Your True Purpose and Passion in Life posted at 360 Degree Success, saying, “Practical questions to help you become a better leader, with passion and purpose.”

Wanda Grindstaff presents Be the Rhino, A Life of Purpose and Intention posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles Begin With Abundance Mindset, saying, “the Rhino knows where he is going and will not be misguided or held back by the beliefs of others”

Caroline Latham presents Easy Steps to Improve Your Brain Health Now posted at SharpBrains, saying, “A leader needs to make sound decisions under pressure, be flexible and creative in finding solutions to problems, and be able to focus on the tasks at hand. All these skills can be improved with better brain fitness.”

Bill Sheridan presents Ask…Don’t Tell posted at The Freestyle Entrepreneur.

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