Edition #4 Carnival of Leadership Growth – April 1, 2007

Welcome to the April 1, 2007 edition of carnival of leadership growth.

Zechary presents Chat to help people posted at Zechary White, saying, “You can help people by just check.”

Christine Kane presents Rust Never Sleeps posted at Christine Kane.

Ellesse presents How to Find a Good Mentor posted at Goal Setting College.

Hal Sommerschield, Ph.D. presents North Star Mental Fitness Blog: Word Processing and the Benefits of Success posted at North Star Mental Fitness Blog.

Vahid Chaychi presents The First Step to Start an Online Work at Home Business posted at Internet and Search Engine Marketing, saying, “There are many who love to start an online business that can be done from home. There problem is they don’t know “how” and “from where”. The most important thing in starting a new business is making a serious decision. Without a serious decision, no business will be started.”

Charles H. Green presents Trust Tip 35: Reciprocity, Sales and Suicide Hot Lines posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Suicide hotlines teach something very important about trust and persuasion. When you pick up a call in a suicide hotline center, the first impulse is to try and start talking; to try and convince the caller not to kill himself. It’s the exact wrong thing to do.”

Thom Singer presents Your Personal Vision Of Success Makes The Difference posted at SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

Sagar Satapathy presents 101 Bonehead Mistakes Every Manager Should Avoid posted at Business Intelligence Lowdown.

Alan presents Choosing a Self-Help Guru, Site or Program posted at Made to Be Great.

Editor – Dave Prouhet presents Overcoming Procrastination posted at Business Advice Daily, saying, “f you see yourself as someone who puts things off or procrastinates, don’t despair. Eliminating delay is a skill that can be learned. And if you want more serendipity in your life, more chances to be in the right place at the right time, more “lucky breaks,” and even more energy, it is well worth the effort required to develop this skill. Here are five easy steps to ending delay…”

The Positivity Blog presents Why some people almost always are successful posted at Henrik Edberg.

Leon Gettler presents CEO invincibility – why they turn bad posted at Sox First, saying, “With the jury selected in the Conrad Black trial, it’s worth looking at why some corporate leaders go off the rails? Is it greed? Arrogance? Studies show that it’s because they believe the rules don’t apply to them. They’re invincible, y’see.”

Laura Ricci presents Supporting Community Growth and Continuance posted at Laura’s Winning Ideas, saying, “re-submitting and hoping for guidance to send you what you are looking for!”

Sudhanshu presents Entrepreneurship and 300 posted at Gyaan Sutra, saying, “This post is about what I learned about entrepreneurship from the movie ‘300’”

Ted Reimers presents Best Business Schools for the Entrepreneur posted at CampusGrotto.

CA presents Small Business Owner Syndrome posted at Strategy, marketing and project management consulting services for small business: IQI Strategic Management, Inc..

Debra Moorhead presents Using Vision Boards to Organize Your Life posted at Debra Moorhead.com.

David Zinger presents The WE(E) Factor: Baby steps to leadership feats posted at Zinger On Strength-Based Leadership, saying, “Some WE(E) steps towards effective leadership that focus on others and small steps.”

Charles H. Green presents Working and Feeling Good posted at Trust Matters, saying, “Being happy at work turns out to have to do with being engaged, and being engaged with being praised. It doesn’t turn out to have much to do with incentive payments. Why do we have to keep rediscovering “treat people well”?”

Jack Yoest presents Managing Management Time: Harvard’s Monkey Paper by Oncken posted at Reasoned Audacity, saying, “The Tipping Point

The Three Second Rule

The Monkey on Your Back

The Monkey on Your Back?

Managers ’round the world recognize this expression as the situation where an individual has the next move in an assignment.”

Priya Jestin presents 101 Bonehead Mistakes Every Manager Should Avoid posted at Business Intelligence Lowdown.

Marcy Nala presents Believe and Succeed posted at The Abundant Life.

wilson ng presents Choose your Battles posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife, saying, “We are so used to competing, that we spend a lot of time and resources winning or excelling in unnecessary things in which has no meaning or bearing to your overall goals.”

Sagar Satapathy presents Top 25 Gadgets and Gizmos Every Manager Needs posted at Project Management Source.

Priya Jestin presents 50 Tips To Retain Customers posted at CRM Lowdown.

John presents Success Coaching On a Budget posted at OhCash.com, saying, “Professional Life Coaching is more widely accepted in our society than ever before as a positive and even necessary phenomenon in our ongoing quest for happier, healthier and wealthier lives.”

Benjamin Yoskovitz presents Does Multitasking Really Make You More Productive? posted at Instigator Blog, saying, “The questions is an important one because so many people are focused on multitasking and doing more. Working harder, not smarter. But multitasking doesn’t make people more productive, or better leaders.”

Caroline Latham presents I am busy executive with a challenging job. How is brain fitness relevant to me? posted at SharpBrains, saying, “How stress management may help us improve our quality of life and performance at work”

Anna Farmery presents 10 Reasons why LESS is often MORE to Employees posted at The Engaging Brand.

Ted Reimers presents Benefits of getting an MBA posted at CampusGrotto.

Charles H. Green presents Trust in the Hotel Biz posted at Trust Matters, saying, “If you want your employees to care about the customer first, you have to show that you do as well.”

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