Simon Cowell and Honesty


Tonight I was watching an interview with Simon Cowell on 60 Minutes, and he said some stuff that is interested me. He admitted to not being able to sing and not having a real musical talent. Then he ernt on about one time a couple offered him $100,000 to come and critique them in bed.

Why would someone offer him that much money for something he is not an “expert” at come to sing in front of him even though he can’t produce or sing? It is because he is honest. Even though I do not agree with the way he puts people down, it is very important to be honest with the people.

People talk about how they do not want to be a “yes man,” but people are so desperate for it that they will go look for anyone to give it to them. As we see on American Idol, honesty can lead to prevent further mistakes and make better decisions, but without it can lead a lot of bad decisions.

Great leaders seek honest feedback. Without it, they running blind because they are nearly running with a wall in their face. It is feedback that turns that wall into a window, and you will be able to clearly see ahead of you.


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