Seeking A Mentor

I talked about cheating success in an earlier post. One of the ways to do this is by having a mentor. I came across this great post at The Only Trait of A Leader Blog that helps explain how to find a leader. If anyone does not have a mentor of some sort I really encourage you to find one, but read this post first before you do because it has great insight.

…that is the key to finding a mentor. In fact, I’ve never really “found”, as in set-out-for-and-tracked-down, a mentor. Starting with an attitude of curiosity and humility, an eagerness to learn from anyone who was willing to share, and a willingness to listen first, lured mentors to me, and it will work for you as well. Most people want to help those around them, and most people love to share their experiences; maybe its some kind of genetic parenting instinct that we all share. Whatever the reason, people who have already been down the road you are just starting on will want to see you avoid the hurdles they encountered, or at least they’ll want to help you handle them better than they did at the time.


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