Growing Exponentially In Experience

As a new graduate in the workplace I have found how much different it is than the classroom. In the classroom we learn from a book about the ideal situation in a generic industry, but in the “real world” we word with a specific industry, that is always changing and has specific rules and procedures. Because of all these factors it that experience can be more important to succeed in the workplace. The problem as a new person in the workplace is gaining the necessary experience quickly.

This past week I attended meetings with other participates in the leadership program I am where I work, and one of the interesting things one of VP’s encouraged us to do is to “cheat” experience. At first I when he said cheat it kind of through me off, but once he explained how it made sense. He made three points that I thought would help me and others new to the workplace tremendously:

– Listen and ask those with experience

– Make their experiences your experiences

– Believe those with experiences

Through other’s experiences and learning I can take them and apply them to situations I might run into in the job and might prevent some of the mistakes others had gone through. Instead of growing in experience day by day now I will be able to grow exponentially through others too.


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  1. Anna Farmery on

    I love learning about your leadership journey – thank you for sharing it with us all.

    One thing I would add to this great post is that – learn from the experiences but never lose that sense of wonder. Wondering why, wondering is there is a better way, wondering how you could make it better?

    To grow you learn from others but they learn from you as well, experiences from the past do not always represent experiences of the future. Often experience can lead to leadership blind spots – so you can help them through your questioning, through your untainted glasses.

    To grow you need to combine your fresh thinking with the experience of others

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