Leading Conversations

I came across this great article by Dave Fleming at Biola University titled, “Conversational Leadership”. He has great points on how meaningful conversation is being lost in the workplace and how it is important for both the leader and the team. Below is a small part of the article about how to get the conversation going.

Here are five things that you can do as an emerging conversational leader to keep the conversation going:
1. Ask many questions. Leaders should listen at least as much as they talk. Why? Because the question is the tool for exploration.
2. Unearth what you discover. Remember, vision is emergent. It’s first about discovery and then it’s about exploration as a team.
3. Encounter. The people on your team matter. Out of six billion people, why are you together with the team that you’re together with? Because the gifts they have and the things they hold are necessary for us to accomplish the vision.
4. Look for serendipity. There is a moment in dialogue where we see what we need to go after. Leaders learn to read that moment of emergence and invite everybody. Do you see it?
5. Finally, lead to change because you’ve grown. Dialogue happens as we do it together. If you are experiencing chaos on your team right now, that is the very place where the most potent change can occur.


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