What do you stand on?

Every leader has a different foundation they stand on and lead by, but a lot of leaders do not know what exactly what they stand on. This week I am going to be thinking out and writing my foundations in order to see who I am. This process, I believe is important to determine the type of the leader you are and are going to be. If you decide to lay the wrong foundation it will only be time before you start sink and fade away. I would love any feedback and see how others hold themselves accountable to their foundations or values and maybe hear how they have helped you in your success.


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  1. Matt Langdon on

    I think knowing where you stand is vital to leadership. People want to follow someone who is self-aware. Another site you might want to look at adding to your blogroll is Vital Integrities at http://allsquareinc.blogspot.com/. George Brymer talks about integrity in leadership. You need a place to stand and you need to stay there – changing your stance regularly is only going to push people away from you.

  2. Mark on

    Thanks for your thoughts. One great book I have been reading on this subject is “The Power of Full Engagement”. It encourages leaders to look at life from the runway, 10,000 ft, 20,000 ft, 30k 40k and finally 50,000 ft perspectives. What do I need to get done today? What projects am I working on these days? What sorts of things do I want accomplished 5 years from now? What sorts of responsibilities do I have/hats do I wear? What is my ultimate purpose in life. It was very helpful for me to focus on these multiple perspectives. Blessings.

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