I am very humble

Ok maybe that is not so true just by that statement, but humility is key to a great leader. Harry Joiner writes an amazing post titled,“Humility, The Core of Servant Leadership” and he points out some key points about Servant Leadership.

Servant leadership is based on humility.

Most people, if they really knew anything about humility, wouldn’t like it. That’s why so few people are humble. Humility involves dying to oneself — sacrificing oneself to a higher good or yielding to legitimate authority. Quite often it means doing what you don’t want to do. Sometimes it means going down with the ship so that others may live. And always, it means killing the egotistical, self-centered person inside all of us who wants to be comforted, petted and admired.

Humility is a Godly thing.

For authentic servant leaders, everyone has dignity. Everyone is a child of God. Everyone is the best in the world at something. Everyone deserves respect. Everyone deserves to be elevated. Everyone deserves to be perfected, and servant leaders perfect those around them by investing in everyone and setting a benchmark example. They walk the talk — and inspire others to raise their game. That’s why they’re so sought after.

But here’s the paradox of humility: If you think you have it, you don’t. Imagine someone bragging about how humble they are. That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it? You can never be too humble.

I’m not talking about the “awe-shucks” false modesty that most of us have. I’m talking about putting others first always. That is antithetical to our secular, me first, zero-sum, he who dies with the most toys wins society. True humility is counter-cultural, which is why it’s so rare. In fact, if you want to be a truly counter-cultural rebel, then rebel against your own vanity. Master yourself.


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