Success – How do we really know we’ve achieved it?

In today’s world we look up to movie star and athletes who started from nothing to become something, and call them a success. They might be if we define success by their career and bank account, as most do today, but we have a narrow vision of what real success is. Am I successful if I have gained a lot?

I think we have been asking the wrong question when it came to measuring success, instead we should be asking, “How have I changed the world and the people in it?”

A funeral can be hard when you loose someone close, but also can be an amazing time to hear from friends and family how that person had changed their world. They can also be a good measurement of how successful you have been in your lifetime. The final stamp on your life is not what you have, but what how you have affected the people around. That is the only thing that can be carried on after your your life.

How do we know if we have been successful? Probably the best place to start is with the people that surround you.


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