All you need is love?

In Mitch Joel’s post,Building a 3D Personal Brand, he responds to Anna Farmery’s post,3D Is the Place to Be, about about how to get your personal brand to resonate above a traditional cv. Here is what he listed:

1. Give abundantly. The best way to build a personal brand is to give your knowledge away. To be highly concerned about others and to stay in their loop. It’s the ability to go for a job interview and not worry about what they can do for you, but rather doing your homework and research and knowing what you can do for them. Imagine going for a job interview and realizing that it’s not the perfect fit for you, and referring them to someone who you think would be perfect for the job? That’s personal branding.

2. Help others. When you go to a networking event and you start meeting a variety of people, stop worrying about how they can help you, but start thinking about who you know in your network that can help them.

3. Relationships. We all know how important the idea of “conversation” is in this Web 2.0 – Social Media revolution. I’m the first to drink my own bath water on this. But, it’s all about creating real relationships. Conversations are important but if you don’t nurture a true relationship, it’s just a bunch of gums flapping. Build your personal brand by building strong relationships.

All three of Mitch’s points share one common denominator, love. It sounds kind of corny, but people who love what they do or the people they are surrounded by seek to help what they love first before themself. The challenge of creating a strong personal brand is knowing who you really are and represent. We might think we want to represent something but find out we represent the opposite. Love what you do and the people you are around and the personal brand you desire will come to you.


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  1. Mitch Joel on

    Thanks for linking to some of my thoughts on Personal Branding. I would also add that when we discover what our true personal brand is, it’s important to not change it based on feedback we get from others. I’ve seen real personal brands grow by leaps and bounds when the person is better able to communicate their true personal brand and then align themselves with people who “get it.”

  2. shwibbs on

    I believe in this idea of the personal brand. I think Personal Branding is all about perception of others and how you read it and take it in as feedback. It’s almost like testing new attributes out and seeing the effect on a small sample population. Anyways, if you would like to read more of my ideas, here’s a link to my blog.



  3. shwibbs on

    Life is about who you know, and your Personal Brand talks to these individuals. When you are networking, the Personal Brand is your greatest asset if conveyed and articulated properly.

    good post

  4. jo on

    Things that I find hard to understand when I read discussions like this. One the one hand I hear nurture real relationships and then you hear its who you know. How is that not a contradiction?

    For example there a few people I would say that I think I like what I have seen them do with their lives and I admire them, particulary of they do creative things. I can sincerely tell them that, I admire you for who you are.

    If I then say well ok now I know this person I “know” someone isn’t that false?

    Shouldn’t I be able to say hey I really like what you do and leave it at that? Or say hey I really like what you do and I’d like to learn how to do that? Is it appropriate to tell someone that? How do tell if it is or isn’t?

    I’m thinking that you have to let people tell you and invite you to talk to them in the first place because sometimes you think it’s ok to just find a way to let them know you think their great but you may soon realise the moment you start trying to tell them-hey i want to learn how to be good at this too you realise that you’re actually being too presumptious-it just seems a bit wrong to me.

    I’ve been thinking about it, it seems to me that if a person wants to approach you then they will and if they don’t they wont and perhaps that’s the thing. To let people tell you if they see something in you and not to assume that they see something in you because you’re hoping that they will.

    The term Personal Brand says to me right away, that there is an element of presenting yourself that is practised but then how does that fit in with being authentic?

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