Children on Leadership Part 3- Honesty

One of the funniest things about children is that they will tell you how it is. Whether they are tired or excited you know how they are doing or feel. If they do not like the food more than likely they will tell us, or if they see something that doesn’t seem right to them, they will say something.

As we get older it seems as if it gets harder for us to be more honest and straightfoward. How many headaches would we save if we just told our coworker or friend the truth earlier instead of being scared of hurting them? I know I struggle with this at times, but it seems like the longer I wait the harder it is for the other person when they find out.

Honesty is also important to accountability. Kids can be the best to hold someone accountable because they have no problem telling you how it is if they see or hear something they feel is not right. Without true honesty how can we hodl someone accountable when you are not holding yourself accountable?


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