Starting off your day

As I discovered earlier this week, the way you start off your day can dramatically shape the rest of your day and week. When I walked out of my house I was not in a good mood and already thought I was going to have a cruddy day. Well, of course I ended up having not a great day.

Steve Farber has a great post about how to get inspired when you start the day. He writes, “You can’t inspire unless you’re inspired” and I believe everyday you are inspired by something. Is your inspiration positive or negative? Either way it will reflect in how you lead and how your day is.


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  1. Craig Harper on

    Hey Billy,
    Awesome Blog!

    It’s all about having a positive attitude.

    Positive people are always finding reasons to succeed. They deal with problems quickly and effectively. They focus on what they can change, rather than bitch about what they can’t. They are realists but they are also glass-half-full people. People want to hang out with them because they have great energy.

    Keep up the great writing Billy.

    Craig Harper (Melbourne, Australia)

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