Children on Leadership Part 1 – Risk Taking

This is a three part post about how children can show us how to be better leaders. The second part hopefully will be posted sometime tommorow.

Yesterday I was watching a group of kids playing on a couch. At first they were simply just jumping on it and having a good time. Finally one of the kids had this ingenious idea of purposely falling off the highest point of the couch head first and having their hands in front of them to save them as they would rollover onto their backs. This probably was not the safest or smartest thing they could have done, but it really reminded me of something I struggle with as a leader, taking risks.

A lot of the times as a leader I think being “safe” will make my job easier and it might for the short term. Sometimes taking risks will lead to an ouchy, but children cry it off and get right back to action. Like a child we too need to shake it off, learn from it, and move onto the next thing.

Other times risks can lead to big rewards and discoveries. This is when you see a child’s facelight because they reaize that they have done something amazing.


2 comments so far

  1. Anna Farmery on

    Billy – great observation and so true. Adults spend their time telling their children to “grow up” I often feel that it should be the parents who should “grow down”!

  2. Billy on

    It can be a big challenge sometimes. I am still in my early 20’s and have a hard time “growing down.” Maybe we should look for those qualities in a child and encourage them as a child grows up.

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