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I am very humble

Ok maybe that is not so true just by that statement, but humility is key to a great leader. Harry Joiner writes an amazing post titled,“Humility, The Core of Servant Leadership” and he points out some key points about Servant Leadership.

Servant leadership is based on humility.

Most people, if they really knew anything about humility, wouldn’t like it. That’s why so few people are humble. Humility involves dying to oneself — sacrificing oneself to a higher good or yielding to legitimate authority. Quite often it means doing what you don’t want to do. Sometimes it means going down with the ship so that others may live. And always, it means killing the egotistical, self-centered person inside all of us who wants to be comforted, petted and admired.

Humility is a Godly thing.

For authentic servant leaders, everyone has dignity. Everyone is a child of God. Everyone is the best in the world at something. Everyone deserves respect. Everyone deserves to be elevated. Everyone deserves to be perfected, and servant leaders perfect those around them by investing in everyone and setting a benchmark example. They walk the talk — and inspire others to raise their game. That’s why they’re so sought after.

But here’s the paradox of humility: If you think you have it, you don’t. Imagine someone bragging about how humble they are. That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it? You can never be too humble.

I’m not talking about the “awe-shucks” false modesty that most of us have. I’m talking about putting others first always. That is antithetical to our secular, me first, zero-sum, he who dies with the most toys wins society. True humility is counter-cultural, which is why it’s so rare. In fact, if you want to be a truly counter-cultural rebel, then rebel against your own vanity. Master yourself.


What do you stand on?

Every leader has a different foundation they stand on and lead by, but a lot of leaders do not know what exactly what they stand on. This week I am going to be thinking out and writing my foundations in order to see who I am. This process, I believe is important to determine the type of the leader you are and are going to be. If you decide to lay the wrong foundation it will only be time before you start sink and fade away. I would love any feedback and see how others hold themselves accountable to their foundations or values and maybe hear how they have helped you in your success.

What do leaders sell?

I came across this blog post about what people really buy from Mike at Simplenomics.

People do not buy things. They buy the usefulness the things provide. They buy what the thing will enable them to do or be. The end result, as it were.

They buy hope.

A man doesn’t buy a car. He buys a set of keys to the open road, quick, reliable transportation to his life’s work, convenience, ease of operation, low cost and upkeep or pride in possession.

Not all managers are leaders. The great thing about following a leader is that you get to choose which leader you want to follow. In order to be a great leader, you need to know what your followers are seeking. As Mike said, “People buy what thing will enable them to do or be.”

What do you have to offer your followers?

Linear thinking v 3D thinking

Tonight it was brought up how we think linearly. We just wonder what we are doing tommorow, next week, or even a year from now. Sometimes we forget how we can influence others and have our lives have more of a 3D purpose to it. Below are three questions we can ask ourselves, and what I am going to start asking myself inorder to have a 3D life:

– Whom can I surround myself with inorder to grow positively?
– Who can I help grow positively?
– How can I encourage someone else to help others grow?

Hopefully these questions will help you not only to move in one direction, but now in multiple directions through the influence you receive and give. It does not take a lot to make a positive change in yourself or in others.

Fast Food Management

I came across this post at the BusinessPundit Blog about research a professor did on management at fast food resteraunts. It really interested me because while in high school I worked at McDonalds for the 3 years. While working at McDonalds I worked for some great managers and some really bad managers who made days either great or horrible. I really look foward to the book and compare it’s thoughts to what I experienced with the managers I worked with.

American Idol and Leadership

I normally do not watch American Idol, but since the first episode was from Minneapolis, where I live, I was curious to see who tried out. Of course they showed a lot of the bad singers, but what suprises me everytime is that these people believe that they are the best singers in the world. What are these people seeing? (I know some of these people are pretending like they know they are good, but not all) Do they have friends that will show them reality?

One of the first things I learned about organizing a team was that you need to know your strengths and weaknesses as the leader. One thought I hear from a lot of leadership books is to bring on the right people. How do you know which are the right people to complement your traits and skills, if you don’t know your trait and skills?

Success – How do we really know we’ve achieved it?

In today’s world we look up to movie star and athletes who started from nothing to become something, and call them a success. They might be if we define success by their career and bank account, as most do today, but we have a narrow vision of what real success is. Am I successful if I have gained a lot?

I think we have been asking the wrong question when it came to measuring success, instead we should be asking, “How have I changed the world and the people in it?”

A funeral can be hard when you loose someone close, but also can be an amazing time to hear from friends and family how that person had changed their world. They can also be a good measurement of how successful you have been in your lifetime. The final stamp on your life is not what you have, but what how you have affected the people around. That is the only thing that can be carried on after your your life.

How do we know if we have been successful? Probably the best place to start is with the people that surround you.

All you need is love?

In Mitch Joel’s post,Building a 3D Personal Brand, he responds to Anna Farmery’s post,3D Is the Place to Be, about about how to get your personal brand to resonate above a traditional cv. Here is what he listed:

1. Give abundantly. The best way to build a personal brand is to give your knowledge away. To be highly concerned about others and to stay in their loop. It’s the ability to go for a job interview and not worry about what they can do for you, but rather doing your homework and research and knowing what you can do for them. Imagine going for a job interview and realizing that it’s not the perfect fit for you, and referring them to someone who you think would be perfect for the job? That’s personal branding.

2. Help others. When you go to a networking event and you start meeting a variety of people, stop worrying about how they can help you, but start thinking about who you know in your network that can help them.

3. Relationships. We all know how important the idea of “conversation” is in this Web 2.0 – Social Media revolution. I’m the first to drink my own bath water on this. But, it’s all about creating real relationships. Conversations are important but if you don’t nurture a true relationship, it’s just a bunch of gums flapping. Build your personal brand by building strong relationships.

All three of Mitch’s points share one common denominator, love. It sounds kind of corny, but people who love what they do or the people they are surrounded by seek to help what they love first before themself. The challenge of creating a strong personal brand is knowing who you really are and represent. We might think we want to represent something but find out we represent the opposite. Love what you do and the people you are around and the personal brand you desire will come to you.